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Joe's Hula Heat

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About us


Kaloa was created by those who love flavor. With the rising use of GMO's and unnatural ingredients, it was time to throw away the dictionary list of ingredients. Why taste chemicals when you can taste flavor.

brown and yellow food on white ceramic plate
brown and yellow food on white ceramic plate

Created with you in mind

Our hot sauce is carefully crafted using only natural ingredients, ensuring a worry-free dining experience. With our sauce, you can indulge in the spicy goodness without any concerns about what you're putting into your body. We prioritize the use of wholesome and organic ingredients, guaranteeing a delicious flavor that is free from any artificial additives or preservatives. Whether you're drizzling it over tacos, adding a kick to your favorite dishes, or simply dipping your finger for a flavorful punch, our hot sauce delivers an exquisite taste that is both satisfying and guilt-free. Enjoy the perfect balance of heat and flavor, knowing that every bite is made with the utmost care for your health and well-being. A delicious and worry-free hot sauce that truly enhances your culinary experience.

woman in red knit sweater holding lemon
woman in red knit sweater holding lemon


Tara H.

"I do not like hot sauce, but I love this sauce".

Mark p.